Athleo Network Identity
© 2014
I created Athleo, an interactive TV network designed to build a stronger following for the sport of Track and Field. I curated content ranging from competitions, news, personal interviews and documentaries. 
After a process of research, building mood boards, I interviewed official Team USA Track and Field athletes such as Jessica Beard, Trell Kimmons, and Curtis Beach.
I crafted the brand essence: Challenge accepted. The essence also served as the tagline and it became a rallying cry for all Athletes for the sport that they loved.
Logo identity
The identity concept emphasizes lanes. The lanes are key elements in Track and Field because they distinguish competitors and create the boundaries that athletes continue to strive within.
Visual system
The system employs lush tones of magenta and red with strong flashes of purple, to create an immersive media environment on screen. The iconography draws inspiration from pictograms used in the Olympic games. To bring the concept to life I created a sizzle reel, a mobile app, and a few other applications to show how the brand would behave across different media channels.
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