MTV International
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Multiplatform Brand Refresh
Reimagining a global iconic brand with thoughtful simplicity, MTV International adopts a bold graphic framework that unifies the brand, creating a cohesive presence for over 370 million TV viewers and an even bigger digital audience spanning 45 countries and 13 language markets.
Design Language
We looked to MTV’s iconic logo to inform their brand and create a unified visual experience. The simplified mark delivers a strategic device that activates key pieces of messaging, while a flexible type system provides a visual hierarchy for all existing
sub-brands and future partnerships. Robust style guides and toolkits establish design parameters that lend structure to MTV World, prioritizing efficiency and consistency in content generation.

Creative Director
Rosie Garschina

Betsy Jones
Design: Erin Kilkenny
Animation: Fionna Mariani, Koda Ko, Pat King

Modern Pop
The visual update emphasizes bright colors, show keyart and editorial movement. All the details—from how the typography sits on the frame, to the way the graphics move around the screen and the smooth flow of the transitions—demonstrate that MTV is free to express itself, just like its viewers.

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